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Bart Schutz & Ton Wesseling

Catharijnesingel 45
3511 GC Utrecht

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“At the core of everything we do, we aim to reinforce your customers value proposition”

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We believe conversion optimization to be a core competence for companies with online ambitions. Our specialty is embedding the skills and the culture of conversion optimization in the heart of these companies, which results in more profitable business cases and sustainable consumer behavior insights.

Psychology & Data

Operating in multidisciplinary teams of psychologists, data scientists, UX specialists and developers, we combine ‘evidence everything’ (data & prove driven) with in-depth scientific psychology knowledge of consumer behavior. This unique approach has earned Online Dialogue the reputation of being one of the world’s leading and respected agencies in the field.

Upcoming Events

Persuasion Academy & Events

We are keen on sharing insights and spreading online optimization knowledge.
So if you’re interested in getting serious about persuasion:

  • sign up for a six-month-deep-dive course ‘Master of Online Persuasion’. Or check out there our online ‘Wheel of Persuasion’ and subscribe to ‘Bart’s Persuasion Course’.
  • catch our co-founders Bart Schutz and Ton Wesseling while they drift all over the world as keynote speakers. They take great pleasure in presenting practical CRO experiences on stage.
  • join in with a great number of other CRO specialists at one of our events: Conversion Hotel, Conversion Week, Conversion World, DDTT (Digital Data Tips Tuesday) or DiDo (Dialogue Donderdag). As these events are sold out rather quickly we recommend to preregister as early as possible.